Thursday, February 11, 2010

no tea for Captain America

You may or may not know this but the teabaggers of the tea party movement on the internet are pretty damn angry at Captain America for a recent issue of his comic. In the issue we find our hero investigating a group of anti-government white supremacists called "the watchdogs" with his trusty black sidekick The Falcon. During the issue they spy on an anti-tax protest where everyone there is white and holding signs such as "stop the socialists" and "tea bag the libs before they tea bag you" now if you're saying hey this sounds kinda like the tea party you may be right and according to the tea party it sounds a little too much like them and they are not taking that lightly. Marvel Comics has kinda sorta apologized for making it too similar to the real teaparty but the real issue is that if your "movement" is so wacky that it can be made into a comic book group of villains you might have to rethink your tactics. You know what tactics I'm talking about. The tactics of yelling nonsensically,carrying badly misspelled signs that are in poor taste,say racist things that end up pissing off the daughter of a former presidential candidate,being totally hypocritical and generally obstruct anything that is proposed or backed by president Obama even if he's endorsing your idea. When you're angry at Captain America in America you have officially become unpatriotic in my eyes

kinda does look like the real thing even down to the clothes