Friday, February 12, 2010

wtf? part 9 of who knows how many

Recently on the popular auction site Ebay one of its users put an old NES up for sale.Now normally this would not be newsworthy or even worth anybody attempting to mention but this story is very,very different. This story is different because the regulation NES sold for over $13,000. You read that right. An old Nintendo sold for $13,000 even though the value of it is really only about $50 at the most. what made this particular sale on ebay so different is that it came bundled with 5 games and amongst those 5 games was a game called Stadium Events which happens to be the rarest video game ever made with only 10 known copies in existence. What really drove up the price of the game isnt the fact that people wanted the cartridge,they wanted the box that the game came in.Yes thats right..$13,000 for one video game and $10,000 of that was for the box that the game came in.It kinda makes you want to see about selling those old sega games

worth $10,000