Monday, February 8, 2010

McCain calls out the tea party

Earlier today on The View,Meghan McCain the daughter of former republican presidential nominee and current Arizona senator John McCain explained why she(rightly) feels that young people are turned off by the tea party movement. In her explanation she mentioned things such as racism at the tea party convention where opening night speaker Tom Tancredo basically said that Obama was elected by people who were either stupid or couldnt speak english despite the evidence pointing to the contrary and he said that we should bring back a literacy test to weed out those type of voters. now while i agree with her that the tea party is pretty much filled to the brim with idiots I just wanna know why wasnt she so outspoken during the campaign last year? there were several times during the campaign where supporters of her father and Sarah Palin said some incredibly ignorant and racist things. the whole "Obama wasnt born in America" thing is just racist people who cant accept that a black man is in charge. read more about her calling out the tea party by clicking on her picture or watch the video directly below the picture

hey remember when people in the GOP got upset over that picture of her and they started calling her a whore? yeah it was weird wasnt it?