Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random Observations

I'm currently watching the healthcare summit and I've been noticing a ton of things.Things that I will be posting in list form.

1. Eric Cantor looks kinda like Stephen Colbert.

2. Most of the republican members there seem to have not read the 11 page proposal put forth by the president earlier this week.

3. MSNBC needs to stop cutting in every 10 minutes to have some random political strategist come in to spout some nonsense

4. Andre Mitchell annoys me and as I'm writing this MSNBC did what I mentioned in point number 3.

5. Tamron Hall is sexy as hell. The picture below explains what I'm saying

6. John McCain made himself look like an idiot

7. President Obama is in a pretty angry mood today and with good reason

8. President Obama got a pretty good line in about the election being over at John McCain. which you can see in the video below

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9. As soon as Louise Slaughter began to speak you could hear half the room start to get up and leave when she mentioned that the pre-existing condition is cruel and inhumane

10. For the first time in a long time the trending topics on Twitter dont contain the words Justin Beiber

11. Weren't the Olympics on today?

12. CNN has had to fact check almost everything said today.

13. CNN just fact checked the exchange between senator Lamar Alexander and the president and the president wins based on facts(huge surprise there)

14. The president has thrown a few zingers at the republicans today

15. Why does the picture look so different on Fox compared to MSNBC and CNN?

16. James Clyburn is the only elected official from South Carolina making sense on a consistent basis

17. Why the F is Ben Stein on CNN?

18. Joe Biden was so upset at Eric Cantor that the president barely held him back from jumping over the table and kicking some ass on live tv

19. Roland S Martin is the only person on tv to mention that scoring politics like a game of football is a stupid idea

20. I'd much rather be listening to music

21. Expect another blog on this