Monday, March 22, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

In this episode of Glenn Beck Craziness our old friend and running joke Glenn Beck is very upset with healthcare reform passing. He's also upset that Georgia representative John Lewis compared the passage of healthcare reform to the civil rights struggle. In the beginning of the video he shows a picture of representative Lewis hand and hand with speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi and then he goes on a small binge of crazy due to the civil rights comparison all of the time totally forgetting that John Lewis has been a civil rights activist for several decades. Part of the reason for the arm-in-arm march across Capitol Hill Sunday was because tea party protesters had called Lewis "nigger" and also spat on another member of the Congressional Black Caucus.Watch the video below


He wasn't even talking about Lewis, he was talking about Pelosi. Get your tweet right. Maybe if you keep twisting the story you"ll be able to make it about race... seriously, get over it. But in any case, they're both socialists. All socialists should leave the USA, you don't belong here. There are plenty of other screwed up countries to go to that will fulfill your wildest socialist utopia. I bet you'll miss the usa really quickly.

Hey, Anonymous, leave it to a mindless teabagger to be a coward. And we are only socialists because Glenn Beck told you so. What a Maroon!

Pointing out why Lewis and Pelosi were even together=making it about race? I wont even address the socialism claims because clearly you have not read a dictionary but have a nice day.