Saturday, March 13, 2010

Random act of failure

When you run a political blog like I sometimes do with this one you tend to watch a ton of news. I on occasion or to be perfectly honest most occasions spend all day watching the news,reading news sites and searching for videos to throw on this site. This time I give you a ton of news related videos that are full of fail.Some of these are classics(like the second on the list) and some of them may not be as well known but still funny. Sit back,watch and enjoy because you're in for a ton of videos.

this anchor lets us get a nice view into her sex life with one hilariously sexy slip of the tongue

The last 3 are the funniest news bloopers I have ever seen on youtube and the guy in the last video actually reminds me a lot of a news reporter from here,not looks wise but the personality and demeanor is the same.


Thank you I needed that laugh! :)

I have no words to appreciate this post ..... I'm really impressed with this post .... The person who created this post was a big thank you man for sharing with us.
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