Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tough times ahead?

As we all know by now Bart Stupak who has recently become famous for trying to bring down healthcare reform because he believes that it may fund abortions just for the hell of it. Well now he has a challenger in the relatively unknown Connie Saltonstall. In any other year this would be an easy victory for Bart Stupak but in this year when the economy is terrible and he's not serving the people of Michigan and is actually trying to grandstand just to get on tv this could be tougher than he bargained for. It could be tough for one very good reason and that reason is that he's being beaten in a race for funds. Yes Bart Stupak who has had a stranglehold on that spot for 17 years is being beaten so far by a woman that not many people outside of Northern Michigan know about. I smell another Scott Brown story in the making but this time with a decent candidate. Lets hope that Connie can pull off the upset and get in there and actually attempt to do something for Michigan.


Good luck to Connie!Does she twitter??