Friday, March 19, 2010

A milestone update

As you may or may not know for the last few weeks I've been avoiding junk food like crazy with success in avoiding the junk but limited success in weight loss. I know the lack of a ton of weight is probably due to me not having perfect portion control but whatever. I'm still losing weight at a rate of 2 pounds a week which puts me at 259. When I started 4 weeks ago I was at 266 and on my way to going back to the ridiculous weight I was at when the year started. Well anyway when I woke up today I noticed that today was officially 1 month since the last time I've had any candy,cakes,cookies,pie,chocolate and massive amounts of sugar. During the first 2 weeks I would get insane headaches but now I actually feel energetic. Also adding to the fun is that during the last month I've saved over $40 on junk food and spent it on other things...such as buying a belt for the first time in a while. I'm less than 2 weeks from completing my original goal but I'm gonna see if I can stretch it out for another 2 weeks just for the hell of it. Look for another update next week sometime and thanks for the continuing support and comments.


That's awesome T!! I'm losing by not going to Wendy's and Little Caesars for burgers and Pizza. With the college kids home for Spring Break there has been a lot of chocolate donuts and chips and I have ignored them all. I have my fat free icecream lol. Keep up the good work and make it a new lifestyle for your future health. You should be proud! <3

That is so uber awesome! I'm proud of you and I can imagine you feel pretty darned good, too! Inspiring. Well done and keep it up, to some gotta indulge a little in life!

This is AMAZING~!! Winter in Detroit is really hard! I have gained sooo much weight, too! I don't have the guts - ok, I have a gut - to post my weight! Bravo to you for your courage & tenacity! Sounds like you have a plan that will work with your lifestyle. Hoooray~!!! We are all very proud of you!
Anita @ModelSupplies

Congrats! That takes real determination. Best of luck to you on extending your eating plan.