Sunday, March 14, 2010

Almost done

After what seems to be years...or almost a year of debates, summits,protests,screaming,yelling and insanity coming from every direction we're almost at the point of voting on a healthcare bill through reconciliation. This point only took what seems like forever and it took the everyone finally saying "f this I'm sick of debating" for the democratic majority to finally grow a pair and thanks to the sudden pair that has grown on the democrats we may in fact get some sort of health reform and a system that doesnt suck.If you have the mental and physical stamina to read the healthcare bill click on the picture of the original house bill below and start reading the PDF file of the house reconciliation bill.Be warned that it is 2300 pages long.


yeah, i wouldn't bother reading that. It's just a shell for the real reconciliation provisions that will be dropped in tomorrow or the next day. That big old thing is yesterday's news.