Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

In this episode of Glenn Beck craziness our hero makes the case that the government is extremely arrogant and doesnt listen to people like him. In his argument he notes that if some extreme left wing nutjob kills someone it will be ignored on tv,radio,the internet and everywhere else it can be ignored. If a Muslim extremist kills someone the person will be rushed into counselling and then the case will be swept under the rug. According to Glenn Beck this is totally different for people who happen to lean towards the right politically. He makes the case that the tea party is being made out to look like violent racists because of a senator being called a nigger and another one being spat on. And just because several offices of democratic representatives were vandalized and there was an alleged assassination threat doesnt mean that tea partiers are violent. its all just a set up by the liberal media. Listen to the insanity below.