Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Afternoon Distraction

I haven't posted anything here in a few hours and I'm about to make up for it. Everyone that knows me in real life know that I'm a football fan. What may shock you more than that is that despite the constant less than mediocrity I'm a Detroit Lions fan. Anyone that knows anything about football knows that the lions have never been to a super bowl. In fact their last championship came nearly a decade before the super bowl was thought up. Of course lions fans have rejoiced in the fact that on a video game we can get the team to win enough games to make the playoffs and if we're good enough they might win the super bowl. This development has lead me to a long love affair with football video games and Madden NFL 11 only makes me want to play more. Watch below as the fictional New Orleans Saints repeat as super bowl champions and get to do something that has never happened in a sports game....until now.

I wonder how long its gonna take until someone gets pissed off about it.