Friday, July 9, 2010

Insanity on a computer screen

If you've been following this blog since I first started it in 2008 you know that the above title used to be the name of the actual blog in general. Back then I had no real idea of what direction(s) I wanted to go in but I knew that I wanted to write. Eventually I settled on making the blog about politics,music and general stupidity. Since then this blog has gone from barely getting 100 hits total in its first month to over 2000 hits in the last few days. Now that I have that out the way I want to bring to you a great edition of insanity on a computer screen. In this edition one man talks about soccer,its connection to satan,sodomy,socialism and Barack Obama. Watch and be amazed that people this dumb are actually allowed to vote in this country.


Is this for real, or a satire on a comedy show? Wow. Who is this guy and why was he filmed? I'm sure he's only one of millions who believe this way--been reading comments from many like him. Unbelievable logic. Or comedy!

Superman. Sarah. Senator. Sanford. South.