Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

In today's edition our hero,Glenn Beck talks about the NAACP and their resolution to condemn racist content coming from the tea party movement. Ever since this resolution was passed tea party members have been up in arms. Even Sarah Palin took some time to point out her disdain for the NAACP pointing out that there always seems to be an "Obama is a Hitler monkey" sign at every tea party rally. Of course in the middle of all of this chaos,Glenn Beck has a few things on his mind. First and foremost he's still wondering what Michelle Obama was doing at an NAACP event. He's also wondering if she had something to do with that resolution condemning racism. Listen to and enjoy that insanity below.

Oh and he doesn't like her outfit. Listen to his fashionable commentary below.

Of course Glenn is a man that knows a lot about fashion. Just look at this hot new design for the fall.