Thursday, July 22, 2010

A day in pictures.

Kinda killing time here but I need to post something on this site just to make sure that I have something. Yesterday as you may have noticed I wasn't here at all. The reason behind this is because I spent most of yesterday downtown and enjoying a tigers game. Enjoy some pictures.

Just arriving downtown

another random pic of downtown Detroit

staring at the entrance

why are there random Angels fans at a Tigers v Rangers game?

We all said "Hi" to Ernie on the way in to the park.

We have a carousel inside the park!

the view from section 133,row 28

I love the view from here.
Texas manager Ron Washington

You know exactly who that is.

A player that should have been on the all star team.

Quite possibly the American League MVP.

Papa Grande comes out to finish off the hapless Texas Rangers.

I had a blast at the game and I could honestly post about 100 more pics but I'm not gonna bore you with that. I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to share this post.


love the photos, especially the downtown

If I'm ever in Detroit during the season, you gotta take me to the ballpark.

Sounds like a good idea.