Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just killing time here

When I was a kid I kinda had a habit for doing ridiculous things on my bike. In fact it would have been weird if you didn't see me riding down the street with the front wheel completely in the air. It also would have been crazy to not see me trying to jump my bike off of the top of some hill. While doing this I crashed and burned several times but I can honestly say that I didn't cry when it happened. Of course kids these days aren't as tough as I was and everybody has footage to prove it. Watch below as one kid thinks up a bad idea and it goes as expected.

Kid Takes Painful Faceslide Across Ramp - Watch more Funny Videos


Ohhh... that is harsh. It reminds me of some of the crazy insane stuff I did as a kid. Like.. the time I rode my bike with roller skates on. Yeah.. broke a few ribs with that one. hahahaha ~Diana Adams

Whooooa. That was one sliding face plant! I wonder how many slivers were caught up in his skin?

What was the female voice saying repeatedly? Sounded like "oh you got made up, made up" or something.

the worst bike accident I ever had was me riding up a dirt hill and then deciding to ride down. On the way down I flipped completely over the front of the bike,I fell into a gate face first and the bike somehow landed on top of me. It hurt like hell but I rode home....slowly.