Thursday, July 1, 2010

Midnight Distraction

It is now midnight on the east coast and quickly approaching the late night hour in the midwest and that just means that everyone is getting ready to sleep. Before you sleep why not take some time to enjoy this commercial from Russia. See if you can guess what they're trying to sell you. Watch and enjoy the clip below.


TIRES!!? wow, talk about treading lightly - I think I saw them do the splits 3 times? Crazy horny over there. lol

lol I love Krys' comment about "treading lightly" ;-) Thanks for this dose...or overdose...of desperate marketing! Gina

it was tires and I'm not gonna act like I didn't notice them doing the splits in this commercial.

Classic! hahaha! freaking tires... I bet they are the number one selling brand!