Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Am I wrong?

Am I wrong for assuming that Andrew Breitbart may just be gay. I have no problem with him being gay or gay people in general but somehow a ton of people got that assumption on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I decided to tweet a joke about DADT finally being over. The tweet said "Now that DADT is repealed, Andrew Breitbart can openly serve in the military.". I honestly didn't expect the backlash to be so hilarious. It only took one person to retweet that joke before a gang of his supporters came out to call us both unattractive,gay hating homophobes. I got the most backlash personally because these people seriously could not see how I could come to the conclusion of Breitbart being gay despite the whole Anthony Weiner scandal playing out on live tv. I have this Breitbart being gay conclusion because the made up conversation below may not be that far off from real life.

Guy #1: Hey, Andy anything new in your world?
Breitbart: yeah check out this big fat cock on my phone. It belongs to some dude named Anthony.
Guy #1: umm.....why are you showing me that and why do you have that?
Guy #1: You know what, I'll just talk to you at some other time.
Breitbart: where are you going bro?
ain't nothing gay about showing dudes pictures of a dick thats not even yours.
thats america buddy!

If you think I'm lying about that conversation happening just remember that the only reason any picture of Anthony Weiner minus his underpants got out to the public was because he(Breitbart) was carrying the photo on his phone and showing it to other men and giggling. He also probably licked the cellphone screen. What straight guy do you know that carries photos of random penises on his cellphone? I know I wouldn't do that. I don't think any straight men that I know would ever think of doing that. It's just not something that straight men do. I've never had a conversation with my friends and have the topic of pictures of penises come up. Maybe I just roll with a more conservative crowd than Andrew and they talk about ballsacks all day while rejoicing to classic photos of random erections. Maybe I am wrong for assuming that it's kinda gay to be that in love with a picture of a random set of male genitalia. Maybe I just don't understand how awesome other guys look with their pants off. Maybe I need to become more tolerant of the "straight men who stare at dicks" community. I guess I'll never learn why he enjoys those types of pictures so much and I may never know why everyone that defended him happened to be an older male. What I do know however is that if Andrew Breitbart is gay he should just start being truthful with us and most importantly himself. It has to be painfully stressful to live everyday knowing that you're suppressing your own natural feelings. We all only get one shot at life and why make it unbearable by lying to ourselves? The truth will set him free and when he's ready to be honest I'm ready to accept him as the great person that he has the potential to be.