Monday, September 12, 2011


If anyone is wondering why I didn't flood my blog with 9/11 related stuff like everyone else in existence has been doing this is exactly why. Anyone that even kinda knows me knows that I seriously believe that people in this country are milking a national tragedy for profits and political power. That day changed America and the world forever and it changed us into something unrecognizable and horrible. We went from the land of freedom and at least attempting to pretend like we weren't a bunch of ignorant,human rights violating racists to making that our official policy. We sunk to the level of the cowards that attacked us and it got us nowhere. It got us into 2 wars, trillions of dollars in debt and a divided country who now has a worse standing in the world now than what we did before we were hit by terrorists. What really kills me though is that we keep using this horrible tragedy as an excuse to act stupid. This is literally the equivalent of getting into a shootout at a family member's funeral. Yes it's that bad. The video below is the equivalent of Nancy Grace milking the deaths of children to make millions of dollars from a career of pretending to give a fuck on TV. Watch and be disgusted by Herman Cain turning the worst moment of many of our lives into a political ad. It's shameful,classless,tasteless and offensive. If you can't make it though this video I don't blame you for turning it off.