Saturday, September 3, 2011

Random acts of douchebaggery

Earlier today it was brought to my attention that the worlds worst video game may be coming out. This game is called "Slavery:the game". As the title implies its a game about slavery. Specifically it's basically a racist's dream of a better,simpler time in America. As an avid video game player I happen to know that if this game is real it would never get sold on any console despite them plastering a PS3 and Xbox 360 logo on the screen at the end of the trailer. It would never get sold because it would automatically receive the dreaded adults only rating. In the history of both  Sony and Microsoft's Xbox division they have never sold a game with that rating with the exception of Grand theft auto. As I looked more in to slavery the game I saw that the company supposedly developing the game has no website and only has a phone number. The phone number is from the Louisville,KY area but it redials you to somewhere else entirely. I seriously suspect that the game is really an elaborate way to get youtube views but the bigger question should be "why would you want that type of fame?". Look at the supposed video game trailer below and be amazed that someone would even think of this concept.