Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bill O'Reilly is an idiot

For the last few years the republican talking point about Barack Obama is that he will tax us into oblivion and spend ungodly amounts of money. Of course anyone that pays attention or knows how to read knows that this is a total lie. In fact our taxes are at their lowest levels in more than half a century. They're significantly lower than what they were when the God of tax cuts was in office. This however doesn't stop Bill O'Reilly from going with a blatant lie to get ratings. Watch and be amazed below by an educated man who thinks that we're all stupid.


One of the main problems in any national debate is that numbers can be spun, tweaked, edited, selectively emphasized, etc etc by anyone with math knowledge and Excel expertise, to tell whatever story they want to tell - right or left. They're so high-level and obscure that they become meaningless. And since Americans are no longer taught critical thinking skills, they take in whatever USA Today headline is being propagated this morning, as objective fact, without question. O'Reilly knows this and milks it. I'd like to hear his plan for a nation with no taxes at all, since that's what the right wants.

You're right and we both know that he can't defend his arguments because his arguments are baseless.