Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Random act of failure

As someone who uses social media I know that a profile photo can make a huge difference as to how people perceive you. We like to pretend to be a society that wont judge a book by it's cover but everyday we make sure to judge people solely based on how they look or who they're surrounded by. This is a fact of life that will never change and thus we must learn to adapt to our own habits of being judgmental. With that said there are certain things you can do in your profile photo to make yourself appear to be a decent human being. One of those things is to show off an accomplishment. For instance on my twitter profile I have a photo of me just after completing a 5k. Another good rule of thumb when it comes to posting photos online is to always check the background. I can't stress this enough and the picture below tells you exactly why it is important.