Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rushing towards ridiculousness

In today's edition Rush gets his hands on a pew research poll and hilarious racism ensues. I'm going to take the time to break down what's being said in this clip and where Rush is completely wrong at.

1. A new research poll indicates that there are 6.1 million Hispanic children living in poverty.

2. This number exceeds the number of white children for the first time in history.

3. Rush attributes the rise in Hispanic poverty to the "open borders" that we have here in America thanks to Barack Obama.

4. The Obama administration has actually been very tough on undocumented immigrants during the last 3 years,especially when it comes to deportations.

5. According to Rush poverty means having only 1 cell phone.

6. Rush sees the rise in poverty as a good sign for president Obama because it keeps minorities,specifically Latinos dependent on the welfare state.

7. Rush conveniently forgets to point out that non-white children have always been more likely to be in poverty even though the majority of poor people in America have been white.

8. I should not have to explain number 7 to you.

9. Enjoy some ridiculousness.