Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just killing time here

It's very late at night/early in the morning, I can't sleep and I figured I may as well do something productive. In my not sleeping I decided to watch a few classic NBA videos. In fact I particularly wanted to see some classic videos of one of my favorite players, Glen Rice. Glen Rice is my 3rd favorite player to have been born in the state of Michigan behind George "the ice man" Gervin and Jalen Rose. Luckily for Glen he places ahead of a former 3point champion from Detroit who shares my last name with a different spelling. There is one more reason why I'm focusing this blog on Glen Rice. This reason is the 1987 Great Alaskan Shootout which the wolverines lost. The tournament was won by Arizona but I think from now on everyone will remember this tournament for the off the court action. By off the court action I mean Glen Rice was the guy that fulfilled Sarah Palin's fantasy of sleeping with a black man. According to a new biography on Sarah Palin her friends are quoted as saying that she has a huge fetish for black men. While this upcoming scene from the new "Nailin' Palin" movie marinates in your brain here's a video of Glen Rice not boning vice presidential candidates. Oh and as an interesting side note to this story the one night stand took place on or near the day that I was born.