Friday, September 23, 2011

a moment of insanity

If you're like most of America you probably weren't watching the latest republican debate because you were probably watching "Whitney" on NBC. Of course because of your Whitney watching you missed out on a debate filled with ridiculousness on a grand scale. Below may be the most ridiculous moment of the bunch. A soldier, who happens to be gay asks the candidates about their views on the repeal of Don't ask,Don't tell. As expected Rick "frothy mix" Santorum jumped right on top of a question about gays. His response was unilaterally dumb but it pales in comparison to the shock you may feel when you hear the crowds reaction before Santorum starts speaking. Look at and be amazed by some of the best people in America.


These people are so hateful. I don't know how they are even alive with all the poison inside them.

Me neither but it shocks me to see how large of an audience they're able to attract.