Wednesday, November 30, 2011

24 Goals

Some of you may or may not know this but as of this very moment I am now 24 years old. This is a huge milestone because it means that I've gone one more year without being shot to death or beaten to death. And while I'm happy about this it just means that I have to now take some time to focus on what I want to do to improve this rut that I call my current life. Last year I made a list of goals that I wanted to achieve. While I didn't get all of them done I did accomplish some of the bigger ones on the list and that lets me know that there is something in me that still wants to try at life and not swallow a ton of pills. Below is a new,revamped list of 24 goals I want to accomplish by my 24th birthday.

1. Make $50,000 before taxes. - this may be incredibly difficult to do but it's definitely worth a try. If you guys can keep up the good work of liking this blog enough to occasionally look at it,I'll be well on my way to part of that goal.

2. Make home improvements. - I live in a big,old home in Detroit and with any old house there are some things that need to be fixed and updtated.

3. Get a car - I hate catching the bus and on top of this the city is notorious for horrible bus service. When you add this to a 45 million dollar budget shortfall,the bus seems like a worse and worse option.

4. Lose at least 30 pounds - I'm trying to get myself in shape and the one code I haven't been able to crack is getting rid of this flab.

5. Buy a rifle - I wanted to do this last year but with my money being weird all year,buying that semi-automatic rifle was just a little bit down the list of priorities.

6. Get steady employment(again) - I had a pretty decent job last year but lost it thanks to having to rely on a bus that occasionally didn't show up to get me to work.

7. Have $2500 in savings - By this time next year I expect to have at least that much in a savings account just in case I need emergency money.

8. Buy more furniture - I wouldn't mind having a new bed,chair and couch. Oh and I kinda really want to remodel the basement.

9. Remodel the basement - The basement is huge and built pretty much perfectly. All it really needs is a few upgrades,some new paint and a couple of new items to become amazing.

10. Take a picture with at least 5 different local reporters - I wanted to do this last year but somehow didn't. If it helps I did kinda(literally) bump into one of the hottest reporters in the city at a casino.

11. Run in a marathon - I wanted to do this last year but just didn't. I did however run in a 5K and kicked some ass while doing it. If I can't get in a marathon,I'm gonna at least try to get in the turkey trot.

12. Put at least 1000 posts on this site. - I plan on flooding this site with so much content that you wont be able to turn away,ever.

13. Go to a WWE event. - I've been kind of a wrestling fan ever since I was a kid and one of these days I want to see it in person just to see what it's like.

14. Dunk - I haven't been able to do it since I was 20 which just goes to show that I've gotten lazy. I was able to dunk with ease when I was 14 and this includes the time just after I tore my ankle up and started gaining weight.

15. Travel outside of Michigan. - I kinda want to see America just to see how different and weird it is compared to the cozy confines of being surrounded by arson,the Dexter Boys and NFL.

16. Go meatless for a month. - Last year I was able to go an entire 2 weeks without meat and that was huge for me. I want to try to top it.

17. Go without junk food for a month. - I've done this before. I can do it again.

18. Average 100,000 pageviews a month. - You seriously need to tell your friends to visit this site on a daily basis.

19. Get a new wardrobe. - I'm planning on dropping a few pounds and with that comes the realization that everything I currently own might be a little too big.

20. Face a fear. - Could it be my crippling fear of heights? Or could it be my dislike of public speaking? We'll find out and maybe I'll get paid to speak on top of a building with a glass roof.

21. Buy some stock. - I kinda like being able to say that I own part of [company name here]

22. Buy a couple of domain names. - And while I'm at it I can help get this site off of the ground.

23. Meet an elected official. - I do kinda run a semi-political website and it would be cool at least meet someone in a position of power. Maybe I can even get an interview out of them.

24. Meet President Obama. - This is the one with the lowest likelihood of being done but hell I met Mitt Romney once totally by accident and it resulted in my younger sister getting his autograph. I even have a picture to prove it. I have to scan that autograph one of these days.

Is there anything else that you think I should shoot for? Leave a comment and let me know.


I think your goals are great (minus the gun one, I really hate those things) but I have one more for you.

Attend a tweet up and tech/social media meet ups in the D or surrounding area. Find locals that can pick you up. Get to know us all in person.

And one more.

When I come 'home' for my next visit, I'll come get you and take you to dinner/lunch/coffee whatever. WIth the kids, just to make it more bloggable. lol

A tweetup is how I met/tried my hardest to get a local reporter's cell phone number. I didn't get it but we had a good conversation while drinking fairly decent vodka.

When you come back home,we definitely have to meet up and just hang out in Brightmoor or somewhere similar.

The gun thing is explained in those 2 links about not dying.

Love the post! And... Now you're mobile friendly! Good on ya! :)

Thank you and thanks for reminding me to click on that button.

Happy Birthday! Good luck and a small bit of advice- ditch the gun and add the money to savings. That gun is not half the man you will be!

Happy Belated Birthday, Antonio. I hope you had a grat day. Looks like you took stock of your life--a good thing to do at this point in your life.

Most are good goals with the exception of the rifle. :-) Expect some of them to be short range, and others to take more time to accomplish. But in any case, don't give up. Tenacity often is the determining factor in achieving success.

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