Sunday, March 7, 2010

stating the obvious

It took forever but I'm glad someone said it. Earlier today health and human services secretary Kathleen Sebelius basically said what myself and a ton of other people have been saying for a few months now. She finally came out and said that going for republican support on the health care bill was a failed mission and all it did was delay action and helped everyone accomplish nothing. She also blamed some of the delay on the president who had to spend way too much time letting people know that there are no such things as death panels. Another thing that she said helped to delay the healthcare bill was Michigan representative Bart Stupak who has tirelessly worked to get on tv by bringing up the issue of abortion even though the government already has some pretty strict laws with some states having even stricter laws but according to him the government is planning on paying for every type of abortion for any reason. Which is why he's been so tough on that issue. To read about more of what former governor of Kansas and current health and human services secretary Sebelius said today click right here,click here and enjoy the articles