Monday, November 14, 2011

Agreeing with McCain

It's not often that I'll openly agree with John McCain but this is one of those times where he's so right that you have to be a bit of a jerk to disagree with what he's saying. As everyone may know by now senator John McCain is a war hero. He served in Vietnam where he was captured,imprisoned and tortured. If anyone knows about how horrible torture can be,it's him. With that said he was more than a little bit disappointed when the question of torture was brought up during a republican presidential debate over the weekend. With the notable exceptions of Ron Paul and John Huntsman every single person in the debate said that they don't think that waterboarding is torture. This is despite it being officially listed as torture by several countries including this one. In fact in 2009 president Obama officially banned it's use by the military and called it a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda. Of course Michele Bachmann vehemently disagrees with this but no one cares because she's in 5th place in a 8 person race to see who's going to finish behind Mitt Romney. Before I get too off topic click on the tweet below to see what senator McCain had to say on the issue of torture.