Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Midnight Distraction

Halloween was a couple of days ago and as always it was awesome. The parties,the candy,the ridiculously awesome costumes and everything about it was fun. One of the best things about Halloween for me is seeing the normally serious local news lighten up during this yearly celebration of death and mayhem. It's always funny to see the morning news team dress up in something outside of business suits while doing the news. And as a bonus a lot of the female anchors and reporters have incredibly nice bodies that would otherwise not be seen on a normal day. One more thing we get to see when local news teams get into the Halloween spirit is incredibly ridiculous reports. On Halloween morning I got to see a weatherman do a report on what you would really need in case the zombie apocalypse ever actually happens. In this double dose of videos you're basically going to see the type of report that would make up the opening sequence of an episode of teenage mutant ninja turtles. You're also going to see a veteran reporter get scared half to death in hilarious fashion. This video has actually made it on to national TV.