Sunday, November 13, 2011


As a teenager I was able to come up with some rather inventive ways to consume alcohol and not have my parents know about it. I think every teen has a little bit of McGyver in them when it comes to hiding things from their parents. Back in my day we would just soak gummie worms and gummie bears in vodka to get a candy infused buzz. Or we would find a slightly older friend/relative that would buy us drinks if we paid them a couple of bucks to look the other way about us drinking. Kids these days however are kind of stupid. They're now doing things that I would have never done because I honestly like not tearing up sensitive areas of my body. Also, I wouldn't have done this because I'm a dude and that's just not the type of thing that I do. Click on the video below to see how kids are putting themselves at risk just to get slightly drunk.