Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rush to judgement

As you all may know by now this week has been insane when it comes to huge news stories. It's kinda like a dream scenario for local and national reporters and pundits to have a week that's nearly overloaded with huge stories and for Rush Limbaugh no story has been bigger than the accusations against Herman Cain. Of course since Rush isn't a journalist and doesn't have to even begin to appear objective,he wont. In today's Rush to Judgement, El Rushilino lets it be known that he thinks that these allegations are false. He also takes some time to make fun of Sharon Bialek a little more because,why not? He also touches on the joint press conference 2 of the women accusing Herman Cain are having. And if you guessed that he's gonna say that they're having this press conference together to synchronize their periods and attract bears to the area,congrats you win a dollar. Click and be amazed.