Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Back on the market

After a slight bit of controversy,legendary rapper/entrepreneur Jay Z has put his "Occupy All Streets" t-shirts back up on his Rocawear website. The controversy stems from the fact that Jay Z is selling the occupy wall street themed shirts but not actually donating any money to the protest movement. It even led to one of the leaders of the protest in New York to call Jay Z a scrotum with the political sensibilities of a hood rat(hooray for subtle racism!). I may or may not support Jay Z on his t-shirt selling venture but I will say that calling someone out for selling a somewhat overpriced t-shirt via a $600 iPad makes you look like an idiot. And personally I think the shirts aren't that bad looking despite not being in my size but not good looking enough to be worth $22. If you want to buy a shirt or read dozens of comments from people bitter about the shirts click on the photo below.