Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Glenn Beck Craziness

The other day I posted about how some NASCAR fans took the time out of their busy schedules of chugging Budweiser,pretending to be Dale Earnhardt and totally hating Sterling Marlin for the last 10 years to check out the sprint cup finale in Miami. Before the race started NASCAR made it kind of a big deal to show that they love the troops. They did this by having a wounded Iraq war veteran there to promote his charity that supports military veterans. Oh and the first and second ladies of these United States were there to promote the white house initiative to support the families of our brave men and women in the military. Of course as soon as the public address announcer introduced the first lady thousands upon thousands of fans took the time to boo the first lady,second lady and an American hero. This has caused a storm of ridiculousness that caused media giant Rush Limbaugh to weigh in,heavily. Rush basically said that she should have been booed for being a bourgeois ass nigger that's married to the guy that's ruining America with his black elitism and condescending attitude. This was so ridiculous that even Mr. Nappyheaded Hoe himself,Don Imus thought it was a bit over the line. Now we have Glenn Beck jumping in to defend Rush by saying "Yes,they are pretty damn uppity and need to be knocked down a few pegs.". You can be amazed by Glenn Beck defending El Rushilinio by clicking on the video below.