Thursday, November 3, 2011

Less than zero

Everyone in this country knows that for a long time we've been basically getting shafted so large corporations can make insane profits. It seems like things are getting more expensive every year while service gets worse. Just look at how Bank of America tried to charge people money for using their money. Thankfully they and a few other banks thought better of it after they started losing thousands of customers while getting bad press. Of course if companies like that just can't rip off your accounts they can still make a killing through our hard earned tax dollars. Did you know that during the last few years a lot of America's largest and most profitable companies have paid just over half of the taxes that the law requires them to pay? Did you know that some of them have actually paid no taxes at all while receiving massive subsidies from the government? Do you want to find out which ones they are and read more about how you're paying for some rich guy to sit on a yacht smoking a diamond encrusted cigar while listening to a platinum coated iPod touch? If the answer is yes,click on the photo below.