Sunday, November 20, 2011

Losing the race

I'm not that big of a NASCAR fan. I honestly don't see the point of driving in a circle for 5 hours hoping that someone crashes,catches fire and quite possibly dies. Or if that doesn't happen we could at least see a fistfight. I guess what I'm saying is,that I don't really like NASCAR because it bores me with repetition. However I do realize the power of sports to bring Americans together regardless of how they feel about politics or life. I figured since NASCAR is one of the most popular sports in this great country of ours that it would hold true there but apparently I was horrendously wrong. Earlier today first lady Michelle Obama and second lady Dr Jill Biden showed up at the Homestead-Miami speedway to grand marshall the Sprint Cup Finale which happens to be one of the most important races of the year. Oh and they were there to promote Joining Forces which is a white house initiative to get people to help our brave men and women of the military in any way they can. They were there with an Iraq war veteran who has survived enough situations to fill up a franchise worth of insane action movies,his wife and their 4 sons. As soon as the public address announcer announced the names Michelle Obama and Dr Jill Biden the crowd broke out in a resounding chorus of boos. They booed the first and second ladies who were there to promote the military. How patriotic of my fellow "Americans". Click and be disgusted.