Friday, November 11, 2011

Just killing time here

I haven't posted anything on this site in a few hours and as always I will now make up for it with some ridiculousness. As everyone that knows me knows about me I am a huge fan of NBA basketball but since they're on a lockout I have to settle for not seeing the best basketball players in the world play a game that I love. This also means that I miss out on the greatness that is Automotion and this pisses me off mightily. I'm also missing out on seeing the awesome cheerleaders in NBA cities that aren't Detroit. Thankfully we have Facebook which is filled with NBA teams trying their hardest to keep fans interested despite the fact that they've decided to keep the players from actually playing basketball. The Charlotte Bobcats have been using this extended offseason to post brand new photos of their Lady Cats. On one posting however a fan tagged the photo and let the entire world know what type of thoughts go on in his head when he's at the arena watching the Bobcats finish 10th in the eastern conference. Click on the photo below to see how other fans and the team responded to this ridiculousness posted on the team's page.