Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Demint stands up for Bunning

As everyone in America knows by now senator Jim Bunning has been a royal pain to everyone in the senate for being a one man filibustering crew in blocking unemployment benefits. While most people have called him out for his idiocy he has had a few supporters. One of his biggest supporters up to this point has been Rush Limbaugh who called the man a hero,but now he has some support in high places. Support from South Carolina senator Jim Demint who's best known for single handedly blocking the nomination for TSA security chief and then criticizing the president for not having someone in charge of the TSA after the failed terrorist attack here in Detroit. So yeah Demint is basically an idiot and now you can watch him on tape being an idiot below as he defends blocking the vote on unemployment benefits even though his state has the 4th highest unemployment rate in the nation


That is sick! And I don't mean good sick either. But, not surprised that DeMint is standing up for a dick. I mean he is a dick himself and I'm being too kind to him. Good Post man. Keep up the good work.


I appreciate the kind words and DeMint is a grade A idiot that is doing nothing at all to help the people of South Carolina