Tuesday, December 22, 2009

cyber security is a big deal

dont believe me? just think about how everything is computerized now and now imagine someone being smart enough to hack into your info,steal your social security number and then use a credit card in your name and leaving you stuck with the bill. sounds pretty terrible doesnt it? well the white house knows this and they've been ramping up efforts to cut down on cyber crime and get Americans more aware of what they can do to avoid being a victim of such crimes oh and they hired a new cyber security coordinator

common sense things you can do to avoid becoming a victim of internet crime

1. always have virus protection. I cant stress to you how important this is for all aspects of your computer enjoyment

2. watch for online con artists. if it sounds like a bad idea or fake it definitely is

3. never ever give out your passwords to anyone for any reason. doing that makes it too easy for anyone to find incriminating photos of your or even your bank info

4. if you're going to join a site like facebook only post a small amount of generic info about yourself. random people dont need to know your cell number and home address

5. monitor what your kids do online. sure its great to let them go to the nickelodeon website and all but watch what they do and who they talk to when out in cyberspace because as we all know there are some shady characters out there

6. if you dont know where that email came from dont open it. just delete it because its either spam,an ad for penis enlargement or an attempt to phish your info

7. Chris Hansen and the police will be on your ass if you even think about doing something stupid in a chatroom. so dont do it you sick son of a bitch