Thursday, December 31, 2009

its about to be 2010

so this means its time for me to publicly list my goals on here and have yall hold me accountable when i inevitably start to fail. so yeah you might want to read this list of goals and things i want to get done in 2010. read below

1. get a steady source of income. seriously though this economy has basically kicked my ass and i'm sick of it

2. at some point during this year i want to get my eye rechecked just to see if its still out of place and how far and then get it fixed

3. get my ass in school. said it last year and got distracted,busy with work,lazy,complacent and then injured and then kinda said fuck it

4. lose some of this goddamn weight for 2 reasons. number 1 its good for my health and number 2 its gonna make me look good.

5. turn this blog into a source of income thus supplementing goal 1 on this list

6. travel somewhere. i dont really care where but i want to get out and see the world a little bit. is anyone willing to pay my plane fare and hotel fees? no? well thats ok i'll just walk to your town

7. take a ton of pics

8. become more assertive with people. yes its true i'm a pretty nice guy but it seems people take me not being a total dick for being weak. I guess i'm gonna have to be dickish to get your respect

9. cut down even more on my laziness

10. post a ton of videos on this site such as the one below