Wednesday, December 30, 2009

WTF? part 6 of who the hell knows how many

I always knew us Michigan people were a special breed and that we're extremely tough mentally and physically but this is borderline ridiculous. Recently a suburban Detroit man was stabbed in the chest during an attempted robbery and despite having a steak knife sticking out of his chest he took the time to walk more than a mile to Brayz Hamburgers out in Hazel Park. He walked in,ordered coffee,talked to other customers and calmly waited for an ambulance to show up while freaking out the owner of the diner and the customers. the man was originally stabbed on the Warren,MI side of 8mile(didnt add to the Detroit crime stats. FUCK YEAH!) after a man walked up to him and demanded cash and he refused to hand over his money. the knife was lodged so far into his chest that only the handle was visible. he tried to get help at a nearby apartment complex but when he didnt he called the cops from a payphone on 9mile and Dequindre(1.1 miles away from originally being stabbed) and after that he walked into the diner for a post stabbing coffee break hear the 911 call below