Monday, December 28, 2009

what were the kids looking at?

well apparently it was porn,twilight and Michael Jackson because according to this report by the norton antivirus people porn was the 5th most popular search term among kids (anybody under the age of 18) this year far surpassing the amount of searches for things like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.When the searches were broken down by gender and age group a few disturbing and a couple of hilarious/blatantly obvious things showed up. things such as sex,porn and boobs all placing in the top 20 searches for boys but of course we all saw that coming. among girls sex was 5th on the list and porn placed 24th just behind Selena Gomez and Michael Jackson placed 13th on both lists. when broken down by age but not by gender among teens 13-18 sex was 4th,among tweens kids 8-12 sex placed 4th and among kids 7 & under porn placed 4th. now how in the hell did that happen? I know that alot of parents fail and fail extra hard but 7 year olds searching for porn? I didnt even see my first pair of boobs until I was like 10 and now little Timmy is lookin at hardcore double penetration scenes. times really have changed in the last few years

what i was searching for when i was 14

what your kids are probably looking at now if that report is completely accurate


This really scares me, but for some reason I am not that shocked... shoot, I just wanted to know what the word "sex" meant when I was 6 or 7. Thankfully I did not have the internet...

if i would've had the internet at any time before i hit 13 i'm about 98% sure i would've been searching for pictures of the pink power ranger naked. yeah i was a pretty terrible kid