Tuesday, December 22, 2009

cycle of stupidity

as someone who was just a teen a few years ago I have noticed a dramatic change in the last few years in not just teens but people in general. this is the only time in my life i can honestly remember someone looking at someone with a college education and making fun of him for being too smart or one politician using another politicians Harvard education as a negative to say "he isnt like real Americans". Its like we run away from intelligence and openly embrace ignorance. It didnt used to be like that. I remember when i was in school(and not skipping,goofing off and just being a clown in general) I did my work,got decent grades and the other kids generally cared about trying to advance to the next grade and looking good while doing it. Now kids spend all day talking about how "swagged out" they are and spend less and less time actually learning how to do simple things like spell and for the failures of the children i place that blame on the school system and the parents and for the failures of the school system and the parents i place that blame on the school system and the parents. we cant expect our kids to get better until we get better as adults and start making education the number 1 priority in a kids life. everything else will fall into place after that

Basically we're getting dumber,breeding dummies and then wondering why the new breed of dummies are so dumb


you trying to mimic my writing style???! lol way to prove your point, A-Train! :)

I didnt even think about it until after i wrote the whole thing but yeah it does kinda look like something you might write