Monday, December 28, 2009

fail of the day

going through my twitter timeline and i happen to see this gem of a tweet written by someone i now dont follow

seriously writing stuff like that doesnt make you look dumb it lets us know you're dumb. its not just some offhand comment. it was thought about and written out in a way to conserve the 140 characters that twitter allows you to use. so basically this guy literally planned on writing something dumb as fuck and succeeded. oh and how would you exactly spot a "muslim" because i've seen muslims in all colors and ethnicities and i've seen a ton of Arabs who are Christians. hell i've seen an iraqi guy who was a jehovahs witness. shit my last boss was iraqi and a devout catholic from a devout catholic family so the whole idea of profiling is not only dumb its insanely difficult

oh and here's the downside of racial profiling.....most people arent criminals

well since i posted this blog a few hours ago the tweet has been deleted. if anyone has a screenshot of it(i was a little too dumb to take one earlier) send it to me by putting a link in the comments section