Tuesday, December 29, 2009

not this again

well people it looks like the crazies are at it again with their crazy talk. this time it's some "lawyer" who claims that Obama is a kenyan indonesian usurper who wasnt born here and shouldnt be president based on that. read more about it here. of course this isnt the first time this type of dumbness has come up. its been an ongoing issue since the campaign and its been so much of a hot button issue among idiots that wikipedia even has an entire page dedicated to the non-issue complete with a photo of the presidents actual birth certificate which clearly shows he was born in Hawaii in the city of Honolulu. Now if this all seems dumb to you congrats you're a normal person and not a nutjob but if you truly believe that the president wasnt born here even though he had to submit all of that info to the government just to make sure he was eligible to run you may be fucking stupid and i have some videos of your type of people below.......by the way even Bill O'Reilly thinks you're a fucking dumbass


lol. "You guys are nuts!"