Saturday, October 8, 2011

Glenn Beck Craziness

In a world where Islam is seen as a race and not a religion despite the fact that hundreds of millions of people of all races follow the teachings of Islam. A world where there is an ongoing war between the news and the truth. A world where we have to pretend that all people are created equally when some people clearly aren't equal. A world where we still have radical elements like the new black panthers or as I like to call it "4 guys in a Hyundai" running around and scaring real Americans. A world where we have people claiming that Texas was once a part of Mexico for the simple fact that we fought Mexico for it and then stole it from them after that fight. We have one,true white leader willing to stand up and speak the truth to the masses without the political spin and political "correctness" that's beginning to run rampant in this once great country of ours that has been usurped by a Negro "president". That great man is known simply as Glenn Beck. Watch below as Glenn delivers the truth about race,religion,this "president",the violent leftists and the impending clash of the titans to the people that really matter......actual Americans.


You are being ironic, aren't you?

I'm being totally super serial.