Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rushing into action

Russell Simmons has been known for many,many things throughout the years. Obviously he's known as a pioneer,mogul and legend in the music industry. A fashion mogul. The owner of his own line of debit cards. The older brother of legendary rapper and RUN-DMC front man Joseph "Reverend Run" Simmons. Of course more recently he has been known for his GlobalGrind website and his philanthropy. One more thing that he's getting attention for is his staunch support of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Occupy Wall Street is a protest movement started in NYC(obviously) that has people camping out and protesting how we're all being screwed by a lack of regulation on big banks,corporate greed,shady politicians,student loan debt and a slew of totally backwards laws. The movement has been gaining steam in the almost 2 months that it's been around and it has sparked copycat protests all around the country. Of course this does not satisfy Russell Simmons who has been observing the protests first hand on a near daily basis and has even had a few celebrity friends with him. Now he plans to use his celebrity and influence to really amp up the protests. According to Russell he sees spring as a good time to plan a massive protest of at least 100,000 people to really get the message across that people are sick of being taken advantage of. Click on the photo below to read more about how a legend plans to use the power of hip hop to quite possibly change America.