Saturday, October 29, 2011

Video of the day

Have you ever wondered what happens when an escaped mental patient meets up with a vaguely very racist sheriff? Have you wondered what happens when they decide to join forces to take down what they see as the biggest threat to ever grace the shores of America? This threat that they see is in the form of a foreign born,genetically engineered supervillain who has come to power through sheer deception,trickery and evil. This threat has been systematically destroying everything that you and I love about America. And he even has an entire organization backing him as he does it. Are you wondering why this sounds like a twisted plot to a GI Joe miniseries? Are you realizing that this threat is president Barack Hussein Obama? Are you realizing that under this scenario Nancy Pelosi is Baroness from the Cobra command thus making Joe Biden Destro? Are you also realizing that under this scenario sheriff Joe Arpaio is Sgt Slaughter and this somehow makes Orly Taitz into Cover Girl from the GI Joe team? Are you realizing that this is kinda dumb and just a way for me to get to a video? With that said let's see how Sgt Slaughter and Cover Girl come together to fight the evil Serpentor.

Hint: they do it by questioning if he's really an actual American. Also,this isn't the first time that real life,amazing cartoons from my childhood and American politics have crossed paths. Click here to see how Dragonball Z played into a Texas congressman's quest to fight terrorism.