Tuesday, October 18, 2011

reaching out to minorities.

In this amazing blog posting I'm going to take a look at some of the ridiculous things that gets on tv as "news". Get ready to be flabbergasted.

In this first video we get to see former klansman and current republican strategist Pat Buchanan discuss minorities. In the discussion Pat goes on to point out that minorities are lazy,shiftless,stupid and dependent on the government. Thanks to this dependence on the government minorities will always vote for democrats. Also, we may be running out of white people. Get ready to be amazed and possibly offended if you're someone who doesn't like old racists.

In this second video we get to see Sean Hannity and former C- level star, Kevin Sorbo who was on a tv show that kinda sucked during the 90's watch another video of actual movie star Sean Penn discussing the tea party on CNN. In his diatribe on CNN Sean Penn basically points out that the tea party isn't really that much against president Obama policy-wise but they just don't like him. In fact he refers to the tea party as the "get the nigger out of the white house" party. This infuriates former crap tv star Kevin Sorbo to the point of saying "hey the tea party has a black" and "Are black people racist for voting so overwhelmingly for Obama?". Click and be amazed at the awesomeness of an actor who hasn't had a role in anything remotely relevant to America since 2001.

Also, Dick Morris kinda doesn't like black people. Of course we knew this shit. In this video he basically takes the time to call any and every black person that votes in favor of democrats stupid. Click and be amazed.


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