Thursday, October 13, 2011

Raising Cain

In recent weeks Herman Cain has been the surprising star of a very crowded and ever evolving GOP primary field. His biggest asset has been his 999 tax plan which not only sounds like a great price for a pizza and 2liter pop combo but also literally explains everything in his plan according to him. The plan would set income tax at 9%,sales taxes at 9% and tax business income at 9%. The simplistic and easy to remember plan is clearly appealing to people until you get into the details. One glaring detail is the 9% sales tax which is 1 and a half times that of the current 6% rate in Michigan. And let's not even get into the fact that not only would it be a huge tax hike in places like New Hampshire and Delaware,it would actually create a whole new tax seeing as they currently have no sales tax whatsoever. Of course there is way more to his plan than the simplicity I have reduced it to but if you decide to click the photo below and read a little more into the plan you might start to dislike 999 if it isn't talking about pizza.


He clearly is playing to his audience, people who vote Republican really are all about the soundbites, not about the substance.