Monday, October 10, 2011

Random act of failure

It is now starting to get a little colder outside. Of course you knew this because it's autumn and that's what happens during autumn. With the change in season we are starting to see less and less warm days. Pretty soon we'll be reminiscing on those warm summer days where we got to enjoy good times with good friends out on a lake. We'll miss the girls in bikinis showing off the spectacular bodies that they spent all spring getting into shape for that very moment. We'll miss feeling of lighting the barbecue grill while sipping on a refreshing(preferably alcoholic) drink. What we wont miss however is the feeling of being a 240lb man who suddenly becomes a woman thanks to a mistimed jump. Watch below as one man makes a horrible decision that will always be with him.

Lake Pier Nutshot Accident - Watch MoreFunny Videos