Monday, October 17, 2011

Midnight Distraction

It's still midnight somewhere and that means that some of us(me) would love to have a little fun right now. In fact I'm feeling kinda awesome right now. I'm gonna sit here and type about the awesomeness of sex. Sex can be an amazing,fun filled,awkward and thrilling experience. Or at least that's how it is for me. For me it's never bad because I'm always happy to be involved and a positive attitude always helps when it comes to getting it in. You don't want to get in a room with a woman and start kissing her like it's a chore and then begrudgingly half-ass your way through making love to her. You want to get alone with her,tear her clothes off,work your way up and down her body and then show her that she's going to be in for an experience that may change her whole way of thinking. Of course before you can do any of this you need to make sure you have a condom. Every smart person knows the importance of being protected. Of course when I think of condoms I think of trojans,the ribbed for her pleasure condoms,Magnum XL's and even those vegan condoms that they sell. What I don't think of when it comes to protecting myself is politicians. Sure I may think some nasty, sexual things about them but I never think of them in a way that says sexual protection. Of course this has changed thanks to the Palin condom. Click on the picture of the very sexy Sarah Palin to see how you can have her on your dick even if you aren't Glen Rice.